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Individual Therapy

Seemingly things were going along fine, until something happened - you hit a rough patch. Now, daily tasks seem to take such effort or you're finding yourself worrying about things that you did with ease before. As a psychologist, my goal is to support you in navigating the various challenges that life may bring. As we partner to identify, dismantle, rebuild, and reintegrate healthy mechanisms to help you navigate the world around you.

Couples/Family Therapy

At times, in addition to our individual work, there is a need to support the other systems in our lives that are impacted by what is happening for us. I believe relationships are paramount in our lives. When we struggle with relationships - whether it is with significant others, family members, or ourselves - we often experience distress. My role is to serve as an outside point of reference to help you see various dynamics that are impacting current interpersonal relationships. It will be important for us to identify and restructure communication elements that are imperative for the success of your partnership, and a healthy family.


Inside/Out Sessions


One of the most concrete ways to immediately change how you feel about yourself is to change the way you literally see yourself. The goal of my Inside/Out Sessions is to make a real-time change in the way that you look as a first step to impacting the way you view yourself, and the way you see who you're capable of being. As an addition to our individual work around your image, this service would allow there to be a physical manifestation of the change happening on the inside. Whether it's a quick natural beat or a full wardrobe overhaul, let me help you realize how to embrace the you that you desire, from the inside out!​​

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Skull Session

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