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Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Dr. Erika M. Dawkins is the metropolitan psychologist with a southern flair! In developing a style of working with people that was a beautiful marriage of her extensive training, dynamic personality, and passion for helping folx actualize their best selves, Revolutionary Perspectives, LLC was born.

Knowing that she was called to help others from an early age, Dr. Dawkins made the decision to pursue a life as a psychologist before leaving high school. While often juggling school, work, and familial challenges, Dr. Dawkins was able to complete her formal education earning 4 degrees and a certification by the age of 28. Dr. Dawkins is a clinical psychologist by training. She is also a Pennsylvania Certified school psychologist. With a specialized interest and training in human sexuality, Dr. Dawkins is also a sexologist.

In supporting young minorities around having positive, healthy relationships, Dr. Dawkins has had the opportunity to speak with numerous youth groups, colleges, and universities, and private groups around various challenges they may face, and how to navigate them. She has a passion for working with brown women and families who are seeking to develop and maintain strong, healthy intrapersonal, and interpersonal relationships. Her trademarked “Inside/Out Sessions” are individually designed to allow men and women the opportunity to revolutionize the image they have of themselves, and create the person they were destined to be, both internally and externally.

Dr. Dawkins is also a requested inspirational speaker. Often using her own life story to motivate and encourage those she encounters, her belief is that transparency and communication are the keys to making the connections we desire. For self-care, Dr. Dawkins enjoys decorative planning/journaling, attending live music events, lifting weights, and traveling.

Her life philosophy and objective as the owner of Revolutionary Perspectives, LLC is to “Encourage radical change. Inspire far-reaching impact.”

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