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Sometimes the level of support we need is very brief in nature. Whether it's a question of getting an outside opinion on a program's structure, exploring ways to support your employees in implementing new initiatives and team building or navigating the complexities a client may bring to you as a therapist, consultation would be the best option. I can help you determine an appropriate approach to many of the challenges and difficulties that come with navigating project-specific needs.



Coaching is about creating a direct line to reaching a set goal. Through step by step improvements to the way that we approach our personal, professional, and even spiritual aspirations, we can optimize our lived experience and achieve things that we'd only dreamed about before! Coaching is much more direct, yet still, a collaborative way to identify, strategize and plan for moving ideas into actionable steps while providing a level of accountability to help you feel that your goals are within reach. ​

speaking opportunities 

With topics ranging from psychology to human sexuality, professional development to organization habits, and self-image to deflection and diversion practices,  I have a dynamic approach to speaking that is sure to capture the attention of and challenge a number of audiences. I've traveled locally and nationally facilitating workshops, teaching seminars, and even providing talks on an individual and group level. I tend to speak on topics with a focus on the intersection of psychology, sexuality, and self-image. With expertise in interpersonal dynamics, communication, wellness, and spiritual and holistic health, I often fuse research-based information and stats with real-life, relatable, and sometimes personal examples. 

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